Human Rights Policy Document – Natural Stone Surfaces Limited

Championed by Pasquale Melchionno Sales Director


This Universal Rights Policy (URP) is established by Natural Stone Surfaces Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights across its operations and value chain. The Company acknowledges its responsibility to respect and uphold human rights, and this policy seeks to identify, prevent, and address any adverse human rights impacts resulting from its business activities. 


This policy applies to all aspects of the Company’s operations, including its employees, contractors, suppliers, and other business partners.

Human Rights Stakeholders and Salient Issues

following as key stakeholders:

  1. Employees: Ensuring the rights to fair wages, safe working conditions, and freedom from discrimination.
  2. Local Communities: Respecting land rights, cultural heritage, and promoting community development.
  3. Customers: Upholding product safety, transparency, and fair marketing practices.
  4. Suppliers and Contractors: Encouraging respect for human rights in their operations. Form HR 1003
  5. Business Partners: Collaborating with entities that share the Company’s commitment to human rights.
  6. Society: Contributing positively to society and respecting the rights of individuals.
  7. Environment: Recognizing the interdependence between human rights and a healthy environment.

Identification of Impacts on Stakeholders

The Company commits to conducting a thorough Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) periodically to identify its direct, indirect, and potential impacts on stakeholders. The HRIA will consider both actual and potential human rights impacts and seek inputs from relevant stakeholders – Use form HR1002 for assessment criteria

Addressing Adverse Human Rights Impacts – Use form HR1001 to record any concerns.

If any adverse human rights impacts are identified through the HRIA or reported by stakeholders, the Company shall take the following steps:

  1. Remediation: The Company will develop and implement effective measures to address and remedy adverse human rights impacts in a timely and appropriate manner.
  2. Non-Retaliation: The Company will ensure that individuals reporting human rights impacts are protected from any form of retaliation. A confidential and secure reporting mechanism will be established, allowing individuals to report concerns without fear of reprisals.
  3. Consultation and Participation: The Company will engage with affected stakeholders in decision-making processes related to remediation efforts.

Transparency and Communication

The Company shall maintain transparency in its actions concerning human rights impacts. This includes:

  1. Public Disclosure: The Company will disclose its Human Rights Policy, progress, and performance in addressing human rights impacts.
  2. Grievance Mechanism: Establishing an accessible and responsive grievance mechanism for stakeholders to report human rights concerns.
  3. Training and Awareness: Ensuring that employees and relevant stakeholders are aware of this policy and their role in upholding human rights.
  4. Continuous Improvement: The Company commits to regular reviews and updates of this policy to align with evolving best practices and emerging human rights issues.

Compliance and Accountability

The Company’s leadership will be responsible for the implementation, communication, and enforcement of this Universal Rights Policy. Non-compliance with this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action.


Natural Stone Surfaces Ltd. pledges to uphold the principles outlined in this Human Rights Policy and acknowledges the importance of respecting human rights across its business activities. The Company will work diligently to prevent and address adverse human rights impacts and will continuously strive for improved practices that promote dignity, equality, and respect for all stakeholders.


David Roy

Operations Director


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