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Sizing guidelines and technical specifications

Hob and Sink Cut-Outs

Front Rail Width:

Sinks – 80mm

Hobs – 60mm

Maximum Lengths on Hob runs:

600mm width – 2300mm

650mm width – 2600mm

700mm width – 2750mm

Maximum Lengths on Sink runs:

600mm width – 2400mm

650mm width – 2600mm

700mm width – 2800mm

Please note lengths vary depending on the material used and the figures are given as a guideline only.

Upstands / Downturns

Not all granite is available in 20mm thickness and some granite is not suitable to be used as downturn profile.

All hob and sink cut-outs are reinforced with fibreglass rods or steel rods. This is standard practice and reduces the likelihood of breakages.